Spring 2024 Author Update: Writing, Publishing, and More!

Spring of 2024 Author Update. Image of the author (blond white woman wearing glasses) standing in her kitchen, looking sheepishly into the camera.It’s been way too long since I last posted anything here. Since late December, to be exact. Even longer since I posted any kind of an author update. Sorry about that.

Trust me, though, it’s not because I’ve been sitting on my butt eating chips and watching Netflix (okay, I’ve done a bit of that) or trying to become a TikTok sensation (Gods no, I don’t even have an account). Truth is, I’ve been deep in the trenches of personal creativity and professional commitment these last two months. Between the endless whirlwind of teaching that never seems to slow down and my attempts at–you know–writing, there’s been little time for much else. But it’s been good, and I have things to share. Spring 2024 Author Update


Getting Back into Gear with My Creative Writing 

While December is my “rest and recover” month following my fall trimester of teaching, January is the month when I get back into my creative writing by diving headfirst into the Codex Writers‘ annual winter Flash Fiction Challenge. Holy wow, did it kick my ass back into gear. Four new pieces of flash fiction later, and I’m feeling like I’ve been through a literary boot camp. I won’t lie; I’m not exactly throwing a parade for the stories I churned out, but damn, it felt good to shake off the cobwebs and get those creative juices flowing again. After a three-month hiatus from writing, finding my way back to my keyboard always feels like trying to start a car in the dead of winter—frustrating, but oh-so-satisfying when it finally roars to life. 


2023 Continues to Bear Authorial Fruit Spring 2024 Author Update

Spring of 2024 Author Update. Picture of the Cover of the Metaphorosis Magazine Best of 2023 Anthology. I have jaw-dropping news—at least, it made my jaw drop. My short story, “A Wielder Does Not Know Regret,” was chosen for the Metaphorosis Magazine Best of 2023 Anthology. Can you believe it?! My first professionally published story, picked to be in a “Best of” anthology! I’ve always had a soft spot for this story, even though it’s a bit out there. Getting this nod has been a huge confidence booster for me, squashing those nagging doubts that I’m a hack and reaffirming my identity as a competent author. I bought three copies of the anthology, because this definitely feels like a milestone moment in my writing career. One copy, I gave to my parents (which my mom loved and my dad… well, I think my creative writing adventures confuse and irritate my dad, to be honest). Another, I donated to my school’s library. The third copy is mine. Just for me. To put on my bookshelf and look at and think, “Hell, yeah, I did that!”

Then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any more amazing, my flash story “Between the Mountain and the Sea” landed a spot in the Metastellar Best of 2023 Anthology! The publication date for that anthology hasn’t been released yet, but still. Two of my stories making it into “Best of” anthologies in the same year? It feels kind of surreal.


First Story Sale of 2024

Spring of 2024 Author Update. Stylized illustration of the nose of a WW2 plane emerging from a bank of clouds. Across the side of the plane's nose is written "A Pharaoh's Curse to End the War, by Katherine Karch."2024 is off to a great start. My story, “A Pharaoh’s Curse to End the War,” found a home in issue 19 of Unnerving Magazine! After what felt like an eternity of revisions and rejections, I was giving serious consideration to shelving this one. It’s a campy horror story about zombies on a plane (sort of) and these days most magazines have negative interest in zombie stories. But just when I was ready to give up on it, Unnerving’s editor Eddie Generous decided to give my splattery tale a chance. The story dropped on March 13th, 2024, and with a killer graphic to boot. I’m delighted. Horror is what drew me to writing in the first place, so this feels like a major goal accomplished.  You should go read it. It’s free!! Spring 2024 Author Update


Current Writing Projects

As for what I’m up to now? Well, I’m elbow-deep in revisions for another horror story that’s been stubbornly resisting publication as a flash piece. I’ve got a hunch it needs more room to breathe, so I’m ditching the flash format and expanding it into something meatier. Whether I’m actually improving it or just muddling it further, only time will tell. Meanwhile, I’m also working on a sequel to “The Portal in Andrea’s Dryer,” featuring more ridiculous adventures with my favorite quartet of gal-pals. Think precognition, parental anxiety, and some dubious dairy products. It’s shaping up to be a fun piece. You should go read the first one.


So, that’s the scoop from my corner of the universe. What have you all been up to? Any personal victories, minor or major, that you’re itching to share? Let’s celebrate our triumphs and face our challenges together, shall we?


Until next time, keep chasing those dreams, no matter how elusive they may seem. Cheers to writing, to creating, and to living this beautifully chaotic life.

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