Meet Your Host

Katherine Karch

Hi! I’m Kathy.

By day, I teach biology and a wide array of anatomy-related electives to high school students. The rest of the time, I split my attention between family, fitness, and writing what I hope is engaging YA fiction with horror and dark fantasy leanings. I have an imagination that just won’t quit. Always have. Writing gives me an outlet for all my inner crazy.


I started this site in 2016 at the half-way mark of a two year MFA in Creative Writing program at Lesley University. Why not try to document my experience for posterity’s sake and maybe also share a few thoughts on all that I was learning, to boot? Voila!


My graduate program is over and done with at this point. I graduated in June of 2018, but my journey continues. So does the blog. In my quest to write great books and get them out into the world (I’m hoping to travel the traditional publishing route, by the way), I’ll continue to put up posts on pretty much whatever is taking up space in my head.


You won’t find a bunch of declarative writing tips on this site, nor click-baity pieces about “secrets to writing great [x]” or “ten mistakes that will get your book turned down.”  What do I know about that stuff?  I’m in no position to be giving tips to anyone, about anything.  Besides, there are plenty of websites out there that already give you that stuff. 


This blog is about reading, writing, and being a creative person. The up’s, the down’s, the genuine difficulties of trying to be a creative individual living in a consumption-focused world. The focus is on creative writing, but I may stray in my musings.


Feel free to reach out to say hello, ask a question, or share your thoughts. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram, too. 


Thanks so much for stopping by! And, happy writing to you.